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About Parathyroid Glands

These glands control the level of calcium found in the bloodstream…

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Hyperparathyroidism leads to an increase in the level of blood calcium…

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Hyperparathyroidism can be caused by both injury or illness…

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The parathyroid glands play a very important role in how the body functions. These four small glands, similar in size to peas, are located directly behind the butterfly-shaped thyroid gland in the neck. The small glands release small amounts of parathyroid hormone, which helps regulate the kidneys and control the amount of calcium in the bloodstream. Although the amount of calcium in the blood doesn't fluctuate much, it is vital for the strength and maintenance of bone, as well as brain and muscle function. The parathyroid gland controls calcium levels by activating Vitamin D and releasing parathyroid hormones that prevent calcium loss through the urine.


Diseases of the Parathyroid

Diseases of the parathyroid gland can disrupt the production and release of the parathyroid hormone. In some cases, too much parathyroid hormone may be released, which is often caused by a condition known as hyperparathyroidism. As more calcium is allowed to enter the bloodstream, bones can become less dense, and this may result in conditions such as osteoporosis.

There are also instances in which the parathyroid glands do not produce enough parathyroid hormone. When this occurs, there is not enough calcium in the bloodstream for the muscles and brain to function properly, while bones and connective tissues start to deteriorate and become weak. When the body's calcium levels begin to drop, this can cause a variety of symptoms including numbness and tingling in the extremities, muscle cramps and spasms, and the feeling of "pins and needles" throughout the body.

Parathyroid Surgery

If you begin to experience problems associated with your parathyroid gland and its function, your doctor may recommend a surgical procedure. This allows the surgeon to identify the four small parathyroid glands of the neck and then examine each one's size and shape to determined which are not functioning properly. In most cases, only one gland is affected. This type of procedure is the most traditional and gives the physician a full view of both the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

After determining that only one gland is affected, the surgeon may opt for a minimally invasive limited or "focused" parathyroidectomy. With this type of procedure, a small incision is made through which the diseased gland is located and removed. Unlike the bilateral neck exploration, which requires a larger incision, this procedure is relatively quick and has a much shorter recovery time.


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